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1) Participation in all HR Connect digital sessions (monthly).

• Either members only discussions, or

• Relevant guests sharing know-how, engagement or inspiration

2) Regular pulse surveys giving quick bench and status feel of gaming MO

• These surveys are max 10 questions and are designed so that you can fill it out on the go without needing your HR systems or data.

• Sharing your response allows you access to the results in a presentation form. (No sharing, No results)

3) Participation in salary/package benchmarking with at discounted price in the first run with 27 other gaming companies, from HR Connect and externally. (2022)

4) HR connect member exclusive dinners (restrictions and conditions allowing)

5) HR event for free/highly discounted price (2022)

6) Lots of sharing and caring in the group calls and shared whatsapp group with all members.

7) Individual discussions with Heidi on what challenges and opportunities we can cover as a community.

8) Member login and access to the HR Connect website and documentation.

9) If you have a success story to share with your network and the industry, speak with Heidi to discuss a potential podcast and its content!

Memberships are based on the size of your Malta organization and run from January-December with a renewal each year.

Should you want to join during the year the price is calculated on pro-rated basis)

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